5 Tips to Use ChatGPT effectively

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm and we need to learn how to use ChatGPT effectively. ChatGPT, as an OpenAI-trained language model, can be a powerful tool for various tasks. There is even a name given to this skill – Prompt Engineering. We will cover this in our next blog.

This trained model has the best knowledge taken from the internet. You can literally ask anything. Whether you are using ChatGPT for research, writing, or just for enjoyment, some suggestions will help you make the most of this powerful tool.

Before reading the article, remember that only some things the ChatGPT tells you are not that authentic and relevant. But still, you can get the most from it. Thus, here are five tips for using ChatGPT to get the most brilliant piece of information and answers.

When attempting to use ChatGPT effectively, explicitly defining your prompt or question is critical. It will ensure the model understands your request and can answer more accurately. Use simple words that show the clarity of the question. Similarly, be specific when defining your request and avoid vague or ambiguous wording.

For example:

“How have humans evolved?”

The prompt above is fine, but you might need more details. Instead, try this:

“Can you provide me the detailed timeline of Human evolution, including the major evolution theories like Darwin’s Theory”


Since ChatGPT is trained to recognize and respond to human language thus, the use of proper grammar and punctuation is essential.

In general, when texting with friends and family, a simple coma can easily change the narrative of the sentence. A similar principle goes for ChatGPT. Therefore, it is essential to use proper grammar and punctuation to ensure that your prompts are understood correctly.  This includes capitalization, punctuation, and proper sentence structure.

Moreover, you can also use this tip to rectify the common Grammar and Punctuation mistakes you often make in your assignments, emails, and letters.

For Example:

Name the dinosaurs’ that lived the earth for longer time!

There are many grammatical and understanding mistakes in this prompt. The first one is the use of Apostrophes. In “Dinosaurs’ “ the notation of apostrophes after the letter “s” means “something belongs to many dinosaurs”. Is there something you want to mention that belongs to dinosaurs? This might lead to confusion.

Then the second mistake is the use of exclamation mark. Use a question mark for better understanding. Lastly, the sentence structure might need improvement for interrogative sentences.

Thus, try:

“Can you list the dinosaurs that lived on the Earth longer? ”

ChatGPT can be used to create outlines and generate creative ideas. We think asking to generate long content at once can lead to many mistakes, and you might not get exactly what you wanted. ChatGPT can generate human-like responses, but there is still room for errors and irrelevant content.

Thus, we recommend starting by asking for outlines or a list as a starting point. Then gather the ideas and start developing our own creative content. It is better to take one step at a time to understand the process and get the best content!

For example:

Name the most popular actors and their journey

This prompt can lead to many things that need to be corrected. You must be more specific and ask for Names first as an outline. Try:

“Can you list the 5 most celebrated actors in cinematic history? ”

Once you have a list, choose the Actor or actors from it and ask about their struggles with relevant references. Now Try:

“Can you tell me about their life struggles before becoming famous? Also, can you give me an interview reference for each actor side by side?”

ChatGPT is like a sensible chatbot that can have literal conversations with you. Thus, feel free to ask the same question for different styles and words. You can keep conversing with ChatGPT with other prompts and get more details.

This trick also helps many of us to resolve the word limitation issue.

For example:

“Can you write 1000 words on the Evolution of life?”

Usually, the ChatGPT will give you around 300 to 500 words of answer. Just type “Please continue” for more details.

Once it is done writing, choose the keywords like “Life Theory” or any context the GhatGPT mentioned. Try relevant questions or ask them to explain some information in a different prompt.

Believe us, you will get excellent material and knowledge on the topic. It can help you discover new insights and perspectives on a topic and may lead to new ideas or discoveries.


Finally, it is crucial to use ChatGPT effectively and responsibly. While the model can generate impressive responses, it is essential to remember that it is still machine-learning model and may not always provide accurate or reliable information. Again, it may respond like a human, but it is not a human that will understand common sense and emotions. It is not emotionally intelligent. Therefore, asking for emotional and health advice is a big NO.

For example:

“Can you tell me the best way to lose weight quickly?”

It is necessary to employ critical thinking abilities and assess the accuracy of the response. ChatGPT is clueless about your gender, age, BMI, or health issue. Rather than accepting the answer at face value, you should get confirmation from a healthcare professional or other sources before making any choices or changes to your health and wellness regimen.

Furthermore, when utilizing ChatGPT, verify information from numerous sources. Think reasonably and seek experts.



Hopefully this gave you some tips on how to use ChatGPT effectively. Now, you can quickly generate insightful responses, get ideas, and improve your productivity. If you want to learn more about it, you can always Contact us.